Aquatic Capital of America Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed in 2008 by long-time resident and sailing enthusiast Tom Shadden and several influential friends as a destination for visitors interested in the many aquatic activities offered in the City of Long Beach, California. Their research confirmed a long-held belief by many residents that Long Beach has more produced more athletes, coaches and officials who have become Olympians, World and National Champions, and World and National Record breakers, than any other city in the U.S.A.

The founders seek to promote the myriad of aquatic activities offered in Long Beach, and to recognize, honor and support the huge legacy of its aquatic athletes, coaches, officials and organizations. 

As the organization has grown, it is also working to promote water safety and education. The Foundation also supports community and regional efforts to cleanse local waterways as well as to increase the number of local aquatic facilities.

AES Alamitos

Ocean Prone

0 degrees water temp in Alamitos Bay? Not really - whew!

surprise Our underwater thermometer has been sent back to the factory for recalibration. We expect to have it reinstalled in a few days. 


July 25 of each year has been designated as World Drowning Prevention Day by the United Nations General Assembly. Read more about this is the News section of this website.

2021 Virtual Swim-Paddle-Row

Registration remains OPEN for our Swim, Paddle, Row Long Beach to Tokyo Event July 9 through August 8.
Like and share our Facebook Group Page for the event, where you can post comments and your pictures as you travel with us to Tokyo to arrive on the day of the Olympics Closing Ceremonies! 

Naples Island Swims

Join us for our 2021 Naples Island Swims on Sunday, August 15, 2021. Registration is now AVAILABLE:

Our “Waterproof Our Youth” program kicked off on Monday, February 1. Aquatic Capital is paying for 8 youngsters from low income and minority areas in north Long Beach in each of the 3-week swim lesson sessions at the Fairfield YMCA for a total of 24 through April. With additional funding we hope to continue the program after April, providing more lessons to more kids. Please consider a donation to this program. Earmark it for "Waterproof Our Youth."