Roberto Vazquez
On July 29, Beachcomber News published an inspiring article about Roberto Vazquez and his swims around Naples Island. Read the full article at
He planned his 40th trip around the island for today!
World Drowning Prevention Day is July 25th
On April 28, 2021, the United Nations General Assembly approved World Drowning Prevention Day to be on July 25 each yearon April 28, 2021, and strongly urges everyone to embrace the following water safety guidelines.  One resolution is to “Promote drowning prevention public awareness and behavior-change campaigns” and this article supports this resolution.   

We live in a High-Income country but drowning rates among lower income residents and those ages 1 to 15 are at the greatest risk.  Action can be taken at a local level, and this is what can you do to reduce accidental death by drowning.   
(1) Barriers.  Make sure your swimming pool has a secure fence around it with a locked gate to make sure the young or a curious toddler doesn’t have access to the pool.  
(2) Supervision.  In the bathtub, swimming pool, beach, lake or river, Parents and Guardians must watch the young at all times and to ensure they stay within close range in the event help is needed.  
(3) Swim skills.  Learning survival swim skills at a young age has proven to be an effective method to reduce drowning.  Basic swim skills with the ability to swim just 10-20 yards could be the difference between life and death.  Swimming lessons at the YMCA, for example are highly recommended.  The Aquatic Capital of America has a “Waterproof our Youth” program to provide these swim skills at no cost to for lower income residents.  Go to their website and click on “contact us” for more information. Adults are also encouraged to learn swimming skills. 
(4) Rescue and Resuscitation.  This resolution asks all citizens to learn CPR, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.  In an emergency, call 911 and become the first responder to provide rescue breaths and chest compressions before professional first responders arrive.  Seconds matter!  CPR skills provide the critical moments to save a life.  See your local Red Cross for classes at 

Aquatic Capital member Paul Dunning brings this good news to you as a world leader in drowning prevention by successfully achieving the key points of the United Nations Global Drowning Prevention resolution long ago.  In 2006, Paul and John Pearce, both long-time Long Beach residents and lifeguards, founded Project Ecuador, an international lifeguard training program by the Long Beach Lifeguard Association targeting Ecuador’s most dangerous beaches with the highest incidence of drowning.   

Over the next 5 years, the training programs expanded to all coastal regions targeting 20 beaches and they trained and provided rescue equipment and uniforms to over 150 Ecuadorians through successful donation campaigns, of which over 70% were from Long Beach citizens. 

Paul  and John met with key government leaders and promoted Project Safe Beaches, a National Water Safety Plan emphasizing the need for professional lifeguards. In October 2011, Ecuador’s Government created legislation supporting professional lifeguards and invested $400,000 to support the cause.  Lifeguards in Ecuador are thriving and have proven themselves to be the best in Latin America.  Project Ecuador changed public policy, and drowning rates fell an astonishing 31%.   

Project Ecuador received the Sustainable Development Award by Sister Cities International in 2012.  Also in 2012, Paul Dunning was appointed Director US Aid by the International Life Saving Federation – Americas Region, continuing the global effort to reduce drowning in several countries.   

Drowning is preventable and you can be part of the solution. 

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Paul Dunning 
Founder, Project Ecuador 
Director US Aid.  International Life Saving Federation-Americas Region 2012 – 2019 
Member, Long Beach Lifeguards Alumni 
Member, Aquatic Capital of America 
Natalie Merrow is the 1st!
On June 26, former Long Beach resident Natalie Merrow became the first person on record to swim (circumnavigate ) all 4 oil islands in the Long Beach harbor. This swim was channel legal (no fins, no wetsuit). It was recorded by the Marathon Swimmers Federation.
Congressional Cup Returns!

The excitement of Congressional Cup racing will return to Long Beach Yacht Club September 14 to 19, 2021 when the world’s leading match racing skippers compete for this venerated trophy and the prized Crimson Blazer. Read more..

Jr. Guards 2021
The Long Beach Junior Guards program has record enrollment for 2021. What a great opportunity for our Long Beach kids! We love that they get the chance to get comfortable in the ocean, learn new life skills, and perhaps become part of the next generation of lifeguards keeping our residents and visitors safe at the beach!

See Jo Murray's article about the program at
Aquatic Capital
Lucy Johnson reports the Aquatic Capital of America (ACOA) virtual Long Beach to Honolulu fundraiser participants logged in more than 16 million yards, with a special shout out to Erin Vince for her 10-mile swim at Huntington Lake and Mike O’Toole’s Gondola Getaway gondoliers, who logged more than 700 miles during the month of August.
Paul Carey (Naples) Alejandro Sheratt (Surfside) and Deke Campbell (Huntington Harbor) had been training hard for the 2020 Catalina Classic.
According to the race’s website, “August 30th would have been the 41st Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race … an epic and traditional paddleboard race of world class paddlers that race 32 miles of open water from the Isthmus on Catalina Island to the Manhattan Beach Pier. Unfortunately, 2020 was the first time in 38 years, due to circumstances beyond our control we were forced to officially cancel the race. “
These young men decided to have a 3-man personal challenge and make the crossing on their own.
Deke's stepfather, Jody Campbell, motored the boys over to Two Harbors to camp overnight at Parson’s Landing. They broke camp at 5 the next morning.
Jody said, “It was a remarkable beautiful day, the sunrise was spectacular. There was a freighter passing at a distance and the guys paused a moment to truly appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.”
Shortly afterward, a small whale breached within 20 feet of the trio, and another whale surfaced between the paddlers and the Campbell’s boat.
5 hours and 47 minutes later, they reached Cabrillo Beach.”
Jo Murray’s “On the Water” column in the Grunion Gazette from 9/3/20
Here is the link to Jo Murray’s “On the Water” column in the Grunion Gazette from 9/3/20 that covered our virtual event along with a couple of other  aaccomplishments.